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balconyHealthcare can be quite costly. Hospitalisation alone can rack up the bills and drain your finances. That is why you need to avoid accidents at all costs. Unfortunately, most accidents occur right in the comfort of people’s home.

The home is a veritable mine of hidden dangers, most especially for infants and toddlers when not baby-proofed. Accident proofing your home should be a topmost priority, most especially if you have children running around.

Home accidents are the cause of millions of injuries around the world yearly. Knowing prevention is a far more effective solution than cure, it falls on homeowners to make homes as safe as possible.

Most of home safety improvements generally do not cost too much.Common household accidents are actually avoidable by installing a few safety features to your home.

Fire ladders

The installation of fire ladders near bedroom windows gives you and your family an additional escape route.These ladders may ensure your family’s safety even in worst-case scenarios.

Smoke alarms

These should serve a purpose, not merely to give the illusion of security. An early detection of fire means that you can stop the fire at its source and your family will have more time to flee towards safety.Be sure to test their batteries and ensure they work.

Safety locks

Poisoning is a deadly possibility; the consequences could be fatal. Household items that are health hazards such as bug spray, cleaning agents, and acid should be kept well out of reach of children. The addition of safety locks ensures that dangerous materials are stored away properly.


Balustrades, apart from their inherent ornamental qualities, are a home safety necessity. Absolute Balustrades explains that falls are actually a leading cause of accidents.Installing these products on elevated surfaces lessens the risk of injury.

Outlet covers

Electrocution is a possible accident waiting to happen. Sockets should be baby-proofed to prevent nasty accidents, which can traumatise toddlers.

Trips, slips, falls, and accidental poisoning, along with the hazardous effects of fire and smoke are the leading causes of accidents at home. As you make your house more of a home, remember that you should not only concentrate on aesthetic features. Make it as safe as you can possibly make it.

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