Using Content Marketing to Strengthen Your SEO Strategy

Search engine optimization and content marketing go hand in hand. As Google sees it, content is a vital ingredient to evaluate if a website is credible or not. Marketing on the Internet isn’t as simple as most people make it out to be – there are many complexities and, admit it or not, the process requires specific skillsets and expertise.

This only highlights how important it is to have a handle on your content marketing to see great results. Impress Google by impressing your visitors first. Always publish new, important, and interesting content. Here are some ways to make them want to stick around and read through your site some more:

Publish new content regularlyMind the Headline

Boring headlines will get you nowhere near the first page of Google search results. Those few words matter, especially if your goal is to get the attention of new users that just came across your site. Don’t just generate racy misleading headlines, though. Aim for smart headlines that truly reflect the content and represent your brand effectively.

All Original, Conversation Starters

Make in depth, long-form content that is your target audience will find useful and valuable. Always publish stories that compel people to like, share, and start conversations about the article. This is the most organic way to generate traffic and strengthen your SEO strategy. Remember that Google prioritizes high-quality content in search results.

Research Effective Keywords

Keywords, although no longer the main ingredient of great SEO, are still important. Tools such as Google Adwords and Über suggest can help you determine which keywords will work best. Google Trends can also keep you up-to-date regarding the context of keyword terms and which are popular right now.

Use Social Media

Get to know your audience is through social media. Quizzes, games, and just plain asking will let you know what they think of your brand and what they want from you. Use visual aids to spark interest and encourage as many responses as possible. This information can serve as your guide so you can create content accordingly.

Update yourself with the best practices on how to use content marketing. Be patient because it might take time before your pages start to rank high. With consistency, though, you’ll reap the rewards of your labor soon enough.

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