From a Frown to a Bright Smile: Knowing the Causes of Tooth Loss

dentist“Oral health is an integral aspect of general health. Poor oral health is likely to exist when general health is poor, and vice versa,” reported the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare research (AIHW) in 2012. The study also revealed that about one in seven of 15% dentate people had experienced toothache in the previous year. The 10.1% of the respondents are aged 65 and above while 17.1% are aged 25 to 44.

With numerous factors causing toothache leading to tooth loss, you need to be a prepared. You can prevent tooth loss by knowing the causes of such dental problems.

Tooth Trauma

Trauma can cause a tooth to crack or break. When a child falls off a bicycle and lands face first, for example, teeth can be knocked out from the trauma. A root fracture after teeth have been traumatised, however, may not be apparent in the earlier periods until some time when infection starts to develop. When you experience searing pain, consult your Hervey Bay dentists immediately. You might be needing a surgery involving a root canal treatment or the installation of a dental implant.

Dental Diseases

According to the same research conducted by the AIHW, almost 90% of all tooth loss can be attributed to dental caries and periodontal or gum disease. This kind of dental disease is characterised by a localised infection in the gums and supporting structures of the teeth, usually leading to loss of bone. Dental caries, on the other hand, cause tooth decay. This may lead to tooth extraction, which is conducted to prevent further infectious complications.

Congenital Absence

Although uncommon, one of the factors of tooth loss is the congenital absence of the tooth. The primary or baby tooth is usually replaced by a permanent tooth. In the case of non-replacement, you might need to visit your dentist. Verify if you are missing a tooth because of congenital absence before placing a dental implant.

It is the primary rule to visit your dentist once or twice a year for cleaning—reducing the risks of tooth loss and other dental diseases. By also learning the factors of tooth loss, you can take preventive measures, and project a smile without worries.

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