The Q of the Troop: Why Aim to Become Quartermaster?

When talking about a career in the military, most people assume it’s all about going to the frontlines. Contrary to popular perception, though, a career in the armed forces doesn’t always involve the use of ammo, intelligence gathering tactics, and the concepts of command and control. From a practical standpoint, the life of the troop depends on logistics. This fact makes the quartermaster a highly important position.

Difficult as the job might be, being a quartermaster has many fulfilling benefits, both in personal and professional levels. Below are some reasons you need to pass up the M16 and learn more about Mil-Std-129R and other logistical methods. Additionally, if you have the organizational and managerial skills, you may consider pursuing a career as quartermaster.

Job of Importance

Military packagesThe quartermaster is generally in charge of supplies distribution, with the exception of ammos and medical supplies. The quartermaster usually takes charge of supplying important items, such as building materials, uniforms, and most especially, food. Whoever holds the position is all in charge of inventory to make sure nothing runs out in time of war. Excellence in logistical strategies makes the job just as important as the men on the frontline.

Acquire Life Skills

The skills acquired as a military quartermaster are important in other aspects of life. For one, being a quartermaster requires you to work under intense pressure. You will have to deal with heavy requests, auditing problems, and storage problems, which all test various skillsets. What’s good when you acquire these skills is that you get to continue your career in civilian logistics if you think of giving up the military life.

Improve Leadership Skills

With a career in military logistics, you will realize that the lives of your fellow men depend on you. This particular thought is what pushes quartermasters to be proactive and take leadership. As quartermaster, you’ll come to realize that your job is not only about distributing supplies, but also requires you to boost morale, which is something always done by a leader.

The role of quartermaster is perhaps one of the most fulfilling positions in the military. The presence of logistics officers in a military force only proves that the art of war is not only about guns and rockets; it’s also about RFID tags and Mil-Std-129R.

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