The Fight Against Cellulite is Real

Most women consider cellulite—dimpled appearance of the skin—a medical condition. The truth, however, is that it’s nothing more than fat deposits pushed against the connective tissues of the skin.

Cellulite is not harmful; it doesn’t affect your health. Because of how it looks, however, many women undergo treatment and use all kinds of products in a bid to get rid of it. IYAC Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Clinic, anaesthetic and anti-aging clinic located in Camden Medical Centre, has treated several women with cellulite problems. Most patients who undergo treatment are those who’ve tried cellulite-reducing creams and ointments, but failed.

The Ministry of Health and the Health Sciences Authority recently warned the public to be cautious when using certain anti-cellulite creams, as some can do more harm than good. They suggest checking the ingredients used in a product before spending thousands for it.

CelluliteThe Culprits

Cellulite affects more women than men. According to reports, about 90 percent of women over 30 years old have cellulite build-up. Cellulite is a connective tissue disorder that is caused by the breaking down of body’s fat cell chambers. A possible reason for this is poor circulation. According to medical experts and some medical aesthetic clinics in Singapore, loss of circulation to the lower body—whether caused by too much sitting, lack of exercise, nutrient deficiency, or clogged arteries—accelerate cellulite formation.

A Different Treatment Approach

As cellulite is different from regular fat, it requires a different treatment approach. For many years, experts thought it could be treated by diet and exercise, but even non-overweight and physically active women approach medical aesthetic clinics for treatments to address dimpled skin.

Some popular treatments for cellulite include liposuction, mesotherapy, laser therapy, massage techniques, and spa treatments.

With the number of treatments available and a selection of dream creams that promise cellulite-free skin, the question is, can cellulite ever be 100 percent eradicated? The answer: no. There’s no cure for the condition, but there are several ways to address its sometimes unpleasant appearance.

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