China Send Ships In Vietnam As Tensions Grow

Image by Jakob Sigurðsson | Wikimedia
Image by Jakob Sigurðsson | Wikimedia

China is sending ships to evacuate its citizens from Vietnam, as conflict simmers over an oil rig in disputed waters.

Vietnam-China riots

According to Chinese state-run news agency Xinhua, the Chinese government has already evacuated over 3,000 people.

The first ship set sail on May 18, while there are 16 critically injured nationals on a chartered flight.

The planned anti-China demonstrations were quickly stopped by uniformed police of the Vietnamese government on May 17.

Authorities claim “illegal acts” would be stopped as amid expectations  of more anti-China unrest.

Oil rig feud

Many people are concerned with the impact of the attacks, which also appeared to have worried local officials.

China has urged officials to take stricter measures to punish demonstrators.

“We are strongly dissatisfied by the Vietnamese side failure to respond effectively to curb an escalation,” said security chief Guo Shengkun in a statement.

Even as Vietnam and China took steps to protect life, there was little sign of the latest China-Vietnam territorial feud ending.

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