Family Holidays: Why Take a Vacation at the Beach?

wonderful beachAccording to the Institute for Hygiene and Public Health report, a landscape that contains water has environmental-psychology benefits because there’s a link between the blue space (water) and mental health. This is why the beach symbolises relaxation, allowing people to contemplate.

If you and your family don’t have plans yet, why not book a self-contained accommodation and spend at least a week or more living near the beach. Here are some more reasons to convince you:

Sunlight Is Good for the Body

Spending time under the sun doesn’t only give a nice tan, it can brighten your mood. The right amount of sunlight can boost the production of serotonin, an antidepressant hormone, or what many people call a “happy pill.” It also improves the Vitamin D level of the body, protecting you from heart, colon, or prostate cancer, osteoporosis, and heart disease.

You Can Find a Sense of Serenity

The horizontal view of the ocean and the calming sound of the waves can lower stress levels and blood pressure. This is why it’s not a surprise that many people book an accommodation near the beach during vacations. It’s among the ideal ways to forget the busy lifestyle of the city.

Saltwater As Source of Nutrients

Other than the benefits of swimming and other water-bases exercises, soaking in the ocean has many more benefits. For instance, saltwater contains high levels of magnesium, iodine, and potassium, which help detoxify the body, fight bacterial infection, and offer therapeutic benefits to the skin.

Playing In the Sand Have Benefits, Too

According to Martin Zucker, the author of “Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?”, ditching your shoes can boost the mood. The soles of the feet have sweat glands and nerve-endings per square centimetre, so walking barefoot on the sand stimulates them more. Moreover, you strengthen the muscles because walking on sand needs more energy than walking on a flat surface.

Taking a vacation at the beach is ideal if you want to spend quality time with the family. Without realising it, everyone also gets different health benefits.

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