Three Things Homebuyers Need

elegant houseA huge majority of people buying real estate today are either young professionals or couples starting a family. Compared to homebuyers of the last decade, this group has more requirements for their future homes and communities.

Here are some things homebuyers want in new land releases and properties in Melbourne:

Big Spaces

In busy cities, such as Melbourne, space is often a costly commodity. Those who want bigger living spaces are moving to nearby suburbs, such as Burnside, Caroline Springs and Hillside.

Many homebuyers are looking for lots and houses large enough to accommodate supplementary rooms, apart from the usual three-bedroom and bath units. The “man cave” or the media room is a common addition to modern houses. This room comes with high-tech features, including surround sound, large LED screens and the latest audio and video systems. Others want to set up a home office with cabinets, shelves and built-in desks.


Don’t wait until someone buys the last land in Caroline Springs or Burnside before deciding that a community is right for you and your family. One of the best ways to determine when you’ve found the perfect neighbourhood is to check its facilities. Some communities in Burnside feature leisure and outdoor facilities including biking paths, fitness clubs, parks and playground. Homebuyers with children won’t have a difficult time taking their kids to school, as there are several kindergartens and schools nearby. With childcare centres in the area, you won’t have to worry about leaving your kids at home while you’re at work.

Access and Transportation

Transportation and accessibility are common concerns of people moving from the city to the suburb. When looking for a home, make sure you can go to Melbourne’s central business district easily. Some neighbourhoods in Burnside offer fast and convenient connections to the CBD through the West Gate Bridge. You should also consider the accessibility of bus and train stations.

Don’t settle for a 70-sq ft. apartment just because you want to live near the office. When you want a bigger home, consider buying a house and lot in suburbs near the city.

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