Digging Deeper into the Basics of PSA Production

A public service announcement, or PSA, is a widely disseminated message asking people to share time, money, and resources for a cause. It closely resembles the structure of a typical advertisement, but instead of selling a product or service, a PSA attempts to raise awareness or change people’s behavior toward a social issue.

stock video clipsTo succeed in this endeavor, you need to evoke a strong emotional response from people. There’s no better way of achieving that nowadays than the creation of a video. The combination of sight and sound is a surefire means to affect your audience in a deeper way. Viewing videos is no longer just limited to TVs and cinemas, but also on different electronic devices through the Internet.

You have plenty of tools at your disposal, from royalty free video clips to animations, to improve the quality of your video. But the key to producing an effective PSA is to truly grasp its creation process and its distinguishing elements from other types of production.

The Message

Brevity and clarity are two important things to remember when producing PSAs. The core of your message and the action your audience should take must be clear and specific. One way to achieve this is by using a language your target demographic will understand—no jargon or unnecessary highfalutin words that may render your message ambiguous.

The Audience

Much like commercials, you have to know the profile of your audience right from the start. The impact of your message relies on how tailored it is to its intended viewer. You need to do some legwork; know their lifestyle, their behavior, and even their media of choice. This will guide you in choosing the perfect video theme and avenues for posting the clip.

The Video

The balance use of real-life footage and graphics provides your audience a vivid picture of the message you’re trying to convey. Add some humor or surprise to successfully grab the attention and interest of the viewer. Stock video clips of people and places can add value to your production and take away the need to shoot your own footage.

Producing a video PSA is the right direction to take regardless of your budget. Harness its power and send your message across with success.

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