Joakim Noah Sues French Shoemaker

Image by Sergio Alanis | Flickr
Image by Sergio Alanis | Flickr

When Joakim Noah first arrived on the NBA scene, he signed a prolific deal with French shoemaker Le Coq Sportif. The deal stipulated that he would get $6 million over six years of wearing the brand. The brand, Noah now says, neglected to pay him and contributed to his documented foot injuries.

Put Your Left Foot Out

The Chicago Bulls big man had to sit out of a portion of the 2012-2013 season because of a nagging case of plantar fasciitis. Even though many have criticized Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau for overworking his center, Noah says the shoes played a part.

Deal History

According to Noah, he was excited about the deal back in 2007. But the brand closed its US offices shortly after the deal, and fired the person responsible for signing Noah in the first place. Noah says the company is looking for ways to back put of the deal and have yet to pay the remaining $ 1.65 million they owe him.

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