The Irrefutable Rules of Logo Design

logo designDesigning a logo? Sounds pretty easy, huh? Just let your brush (digital or not) touch the surface to leave a mark, include the company’s name, and voila — you have a logo!

While logo design sounds extremely easy, the entire process can be tedious, and not to mention, pricey. Every designer has a set of unspoken rules that they adhere to when they design company logos. In case you’re a designer wannabe who wants to come up with a logotype or logo mark, you might want to care about what these rules would want to impose upon you.

Back to Basics

Going back to basics in this context means being plain and obvious; use black and white. Don’t worry, as this is for trial purposes only, unless black and white are your company’s colours. This is in case you’re not decided which colours to use. Just change the colour elements of the logo when all the branding essentials are synced.

Paths, Not Pixels

Veer away from Photoshop and other editing software that create resolution-dependent images. Instead, go for applications like Illustrator and others that depend on vector. If your logo is in vector format, you won’t have to worry about how it will look if it’s scaled into different sizes. A vector logo that is as small as a postage stamp will appear the same when used on billboards.

Know Your Type

Typography is essential, as it will convey the message of the brand. Choose a typeface that reflects your company’s persona. When you choose a typeface, make sure that the program or application you choose include the elements that you need. Some fonts only include uppercase letters, while others have no complementary elements, like currency signs and other punctuation marks.

No Picture Perfect, Please!

Do away with photographs, as logos using photographs can be difficult to scale. Instead of pictures, you might want to go for custom images, like Apple’s apple with a bite, the Twitter bird, or Nike’s swoosh.

Designing a logo is obviously more than doing random doodles and choosing fun typefaces. It has a set of rules that need to be adhered to. It can be taxing and hard work, so it’s best to hire the services of a branding agency to come up with excellent logos that will build your brand.

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