Battling Silent Villains: Air Conditioner’s Filters to the Rescue!

Your air-conditioner plays a crucial role in keeping your home comfortable. Even during cold seasons, a good AC unit still works hard to keep indoor air comfortable and constant. One thing you may not be aware of, however, is that its duties go beyond producing cool air. It also plays an important role in catching allergens before they enter your home and create health problems in your household.

Your AC unit may be silently protecting you from these unseen allergens:

Dehumidifier filterMould

Usually thriving in damp spots, mould can also travel through the air. You can prevent mould from growing in your house by using dehumidifiers, but your air conditioner’s filters can catch the spores before they enter your home. As mould can quickly spread throughout your home, it is best to maintain your filters for effective defence. Call for professional air conditioning service as soon as you notice problems with your units.


Dust doesn’t only thrive under your bed; it also travels through the air, getting trapped inside your air filters. While you can easily eliminate dust by a simple dusting or vacuuming, your air conditioners catch dust before it even gets a chance to enter your home and spread allergies.


Pollen can also affect your family’s health in many ways. In fact, some people have a quicker allergic reaction to pollen, making these particles an extreme irritant. Your air conditioners should be your main guard from these allergens. Clean your AC units regularly or have them serviced by a licensed company specialising in air conditioning installation and repair, if necessary.


Some use formaldehyde for cleaning, but excessive exposure to this substance can be dangerous, too. Make sure your air conditioner’s filter is working properly to catch this substance.

Your air conditioners also need help in eliminating these allergens. Clean filters regularly and practice proper use of your AC. Continuing to run your units with dirty filters will allow these allergens to enter your home frequently, posing risks to your and your family’s health.

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