Four Ways to Break Through the Exercise Plateau

on a threadmillMany weight-watchers get anxious about exercise plateau, which can result in frustration and disappointment. It is the stage when results become less noticeable, and changes rarely happen. Exercise plateaus are normal, though. Once you hit this stage of your fitness program, there are many ways to break through the deadlock.

Any fitness personal trainer in Perth will tell you that overcoming the plateau is all about surprising your body. As it always adapts to changes, your body will become accustomed to your current workout regimen and diet plan. This is the reason you have to surprise your body with new ways to have constant results.

Here are some of the things you can try:

Minimize Down Time

During your workout, try to cut down your resting period in-between sets gradually. This helps your body to develop your muscle fibres. Just be careful not to eliminate your breaks altogether, though; you might lose sufficient energy to power your workout. For good measure, ask your personal trainer about the proper length of rest for you.

Up the Intensity

If you have been doing the same workout routine for months, it is high time to tweak a few exercises. This is because the muscles in your body “learn” the routines over time. Diversify your exercises, and you might see better results. One thing you can do is to increase your workout intensity. Do a couple more sets or add a new exercise to your routine.

Learn a New Sport

Learning a new sport opens new fitness goals for you. It gives you the mental stimulation you need, and new sets of exercises you might have not tried yet. Plus, you get to meet new people while exercising.

Have a Good Night’s Rest

Catching forty winks is just as important when it comes to muscle growth. Cutting short your sleep might only lead to fat storage. Try to at least 8 hours of sleep or as your physician recommends. If you find it hard to sleep, establish a pre-bedtime routine to condition your body over time to “slow down” at certain a time.

Ultimately, it helps if you have a fitness partner or get a personal trainer who can monitor your progress. They can even provide new ways to introduce a variety of routines and recommend healthy alternatives.

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