4 Things to Do Before a Home Renovation Project

home renovation servicesWith workers traipsing in and out of your living space, dust, dirt all over, and entire areas of your home unusable for durations, home renovation projects can be extremely disruptive to your daily life. Take these steps to make things go more smoothly with your project:

Pare Down and Pack Up

Go through the room or rooms involved in the project and pare them back to the essentials.

When living without a kitchen, it makes no sense to have to dig through different items just to find a coffee mug or cereal bowl. With that said, keep the items you can still use in an accessible location and pack up the rest in boxes. If possible, move the boxes to a storage area that’s out of the main flow of traffic through your house.

Use Rolling Storage Units

For items you won’t be using during the project, consider filling up some storage carts on casters. These carts are lightweight and easy to move and stores items in plain view, allowing you to find what you need quickly.

Strengthen Your Home Security

With many people going in and out of your home, you’re more vulnerable to theft; not from your own team necessarily, but from outside opportunists.

With that said, consider installing a programmable lock on your front door that allows you to give your team access to your home during the renovation and reprogram your lock when it’s done. If possible, get a smart phone-controlled lock that allows you to monitor who is in your house.

Protect Your Privacy

During a project, it’ll be challenging to walk through your house without running into your contractor or interior designer. With that said, consider putting up some folding screens or other opaque room dividers between work areas and private zones.

Before beginning a home renovation project, prepare and plan for any possible situation that may arise. Consult your chosen homebuilding or interior design company in Perth about your plans first to make sure that they will run smoothly.

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