The Rapunzel Appeal: Why Love Your Long Hair

Pixie cuts and curls are pretty… until the trend lasts. While there have been many choices on hair styling that often come and go, one timeless fashion rules over them—leaving it untrimmed. Many contest that sporting a long hair pose many problems. Well, these dilemmas are undeniably trivial; you can easily untangle your hair when it gets caught in your comb or you can effortlessly trim it when they’re splitting.

Below are only some of the reasons that may convince you to grow your hair out or get a hair extension.

long hairGuys Think It’s Sexy

Long hair, for guys, is a plus factor. Although guys don’t necessarily use hair length as a benchmark in their choice of partner, they may secretly wish that their date will decide to grow her hair to a length that is worth running their fingers through.

What Winter?

Pixie cut’s useless in winter. Your lengthy tresses will surely come in handy when the temperature drops. What you need to do is tuck your hair inside your scarf or under the collars of your anorak. The next thing you know, everything’s warmer.

It’s Like Water: It’s Fluid and Flexible

Long hair easily fits any facial shape. It makes a round face look thinner, makes a square face appear rounder, and emphasises the appeal of an elongated face. Moreover, you can always get to experiment with different hair styles. You can leave it as is, apply a fish-tail style, or make neat or messy bun.

It Says Something About How Healthy and Hygienic You Are

Rocking long hair can give an impression that you’re healthy, especially if your mane is shiny. It also requires much devotion in order to get it fixed. Having healthy and shiny long hair simply shows everyone how scrupulous and caring you are.

Long hair is the envy of many ladies. It may have some downsides, but as mentioned, they don’t go head-on with its pros. You can use your long tresses to steal everyone’s attention. Grow it out or do yourself a favour and visit a salon for hair extensions.

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