Lighting up the Night Sky: Interesting Facts about Fireworks

wonderful fireworks displayThere are many celebrations across the UK that uses fireworks at one point or another. Every November 5, Guy Fawkes Night, otherwise known as Bonfire Night, takes place and British everywhere revel in the celebration. This festivity marks the anniversary of the failed attempt to blow up the House of Parliament in London along with the ruling monarch, King James I. The historical event took place in 1605.

To honour the event, many people set off fireworks and light bonfires. In some cities, local governments organise a professional firework display in parks. Other people, however, burn garden rubbish and light bonfires in their own backyards.

Guy Fawkes Night is just one of the many festivities in the country that sees the use of fireworks. These celebrations only show how fascinated humans are with light and fire. There are many reasons people like fireworks. To make things interesting, we’ve listed some facts about these spectacular lights.

Where it All Began

Fireworks were invented in China more than 2000 years ago. Its earliest documentation, however, dates back to the 7th century. In England, the first recorded fireworks were at the wedding of King Henry VII in 1486. Today, China is still the largest manufacturer and exporter of fireworks around the world. About 90 percent of all fireworks come from the East Asian country.


Fireworks are a staple in many festivities. In most cultures, people use fireworks to promote prosperity and scare off evil spirits. Unlike in the UK where people usually buy fireworks online, East and Southeast Asian looking to ward off evil spirits go to local markets and roadside stalls.

All Hail the Queen

Because of the Queen’s fascination with fireworks, Queen Elizabeth I created an honorary title for anyone who created the best fireworks. The title reads, “Fire Master of England.”

From Private to Public

By the time the 18th century rolled in, fireworks shows in England shifted from mostly private into public displays that attracted tourists from all over Europe.

Celebrations will never be the same without fireworks. Every time you watch a fireworks display, you probably experience a range of emotions. The very act of lighting up the night sky with these beautiful lights makes people feel happy. It’s wonder, then, that there are so many fireworks for sale in the UK.

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