Old Man in a wheelchair
Health Watch

Dealing with a Loved One’s Dementia

February 24, 2014

When an aging parent develops dementia, you can’t take a program or course telling you what to do. You may not even fully understand what the disease really means. The only thing that’s clear to […]

Chrono Tours

Top Indonesian Attractions for Australians

February 19, 2014

Indonesia is one of the most preferred travel destinations of Australians. Known for their love of exploration and adventurous spirit, more than 900,000 out of the total 8.2M Aussies visited the world-renowned tourist magnet two […]

long hair
Smiley Service

The Rapunzel Appeal: Why Love Your Long Hair

February 17, 2014

Pixie cuts and curls are pretty… until the trend lasts. While there have been many choices on hair styling that often come and go, one timeless fashion rules over them—leaving it untrimmed. Many contest that […]