Questions to Ask When Looking for an Engineering Firm

No matter what the construction project is, looking for a reliable engineering firm is one of the initial tasks. Other than the right qualifications and a good amount of experience on similar projects, many aspects play a vital role in this choice. These include price, knowledge, technical competence, skills and tools, and professional integrity.

To help with your decision, here are expert-recommended questions you shouldn’t fail to ask:

  • engineering firmsWhat’s the firm’s expertise? Do they specialize in small or large businesses, public or private? Keep in mind that even integrated firms often focus on a specific area of engineering or certain types of projects.
  • How much do they charge per hour or per project? There should be a balance between getting the highest value per dollar while sticking to the budget. Remember that part of the services you’re paying for, apart from the physical structure, is the trust relationship with the engineering team.
  • Who are their typical clients? Find out who their regular clients are. Through this, you’ll develop comfortable working connection with the engineering firm in-charge of your project.
  • What type of quality control do they employ for the projects? Good quality control gives assurance that what you’re paying for is worth the cost. Pay attention to the quality of service the staff provides, including its educational background and communication skills. Though they may not be directly related to your project, this strongly reflects the firm’s standards and work ethics.
  • Do they have extensive experience working in your particular region? This is especially important, as permitting processes and zoning laws usually vary depending on jurisdiction. Some may be stricter and more detailed than others.
  • Have any of their projects received awards or recognitions? Projects that boast outside-the-box mechanisms for large or full-scale production, and innovative oil and gas projects might have brought accolades to a highly qualified engineering firm.

Finally, the firm should be familiar with the length of processing to get the approval for a zoning document. Whether it takes six weeks or three months, knowing this information will help the firm stay on schedule and within the set budget.

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