Jewelry: Best Ways to Bling it On

girl wearing jewelriesJewelries can do wonders for your look. They can bring life to a boring outfit, enhance your best features, and complete your overall appearance. Learn how to rock simple pieces and statement jewelries with the following tips:

Stop Right There

Sometimes, loading on sparkling jewelry is an exciting way to accentuate something about your look. But you have to know when to stop. If you’re wearing bangles or cuff bracelets, for example, you should think minimal with your necklaces and earrings. Moreover, learn to tone it down when your clothes have a lot going on. A blouse with ruffles may not complement large or statement pieces.

Make a Statement

Jewelry pieces are supposed to make a statement so choose designs that can help create your overall outfit. Choose pearls if you want to have a prim and polished look. For an elegant and sophisticated look, choose silver jewelries. A silver piece with a beautiful and unique gemstone can also give you a sophisticated aura.

Ring it On

Wearing a bold ring will draw attention to your hands so make sure they are perfectly groomed. Go for a simple manicure and nail polish that doesn’t clash with the colors on your ring. Avoid nail art and glittery nail polish. While they look cute on nails, they don’t convey a statement of elegance.

Lend an Ear

Earrings have a big impact on your outfit. While they are relatively small, they are always in the direct line of vision of anyone you talk to. If want to add more color to your look, choose dainty drop earrings. Pearls, gold, and silver studs are versatile and go well with almost any outfit.

Take the Wrist

Bracelets such as cuffs and bangles can be simple, exotic, or even elegant. They add more drama to a plain look or more personality to a bare wrist. While wearing multiple bracelets is in these days, keep it limited to one of two types. An elegant silver bangle, however, can always boost your look no matter what your style is.

Break the Rules

It is now safe to mix metals or wear gold and silver jewelries together. Silver or metallic are the new neutrals and you can wear them with whatever piece you want. Gold, on the other hand, looks stunning against all skin tones and can be worn with almost anything. The warmth of gold and the coolness of silver play off each other in pleasing ways.

Wearing jewelry is a creative endeavor that can open you up to new styles and fashion possibilities. Learn to experiment with different jewelries to give a boost to your outfit. Wear fun, trendy, and elegant jewelry pieces for sale in Thailand and transform your look instantly.


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