Muslim Brotherhood Named Terrorists By Egypt

egyptiansThe military-supported interim government in Egypt declared the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist outfit on Wednesday and accordingly intensified its arrest and prosecution campaign against the group’s members. Through this declaration the Egyptian government has also effectively throttled the charities and business network of the Brotherhood.

Reconciliation looks bleak

With this declaration coming as an unprecedented executive decision, reconciliation between the Egyptian government and the 85-year-old Muslim Brotherhood now appears to be only a distant possibility. The executive decision also comes as a major setback to the Brotherhood that had in recent times managed to reach the pinnacle of success when one of its members, Mohammed Morsi, reached the country’s highest office.

Unfortunately for the Brotherhood, Morsi did not last long in the office as he was ousted by a military coup in July, in a step that even an autocrat of the likes of Hosni Mubarak had not taken during his regime.

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