Pope Francis Celebrates First Christmas Eve By Lauding Jesus’ ‘Humble’ Beginnings

In the St. Peter’s Basilica on Tuesday, Pope Francis celebrated his first Christmas Eve as the pontiff by lauding Jesus’ humble beginnings as an impoverished and vulnerable infant. The pope in his homily remarked that Jesus was immense and yet he made himself very small, he was rich and yet he lead a life of poverty and that he was all powerful although he portrayed himself to be very vulnerable.

pope francisJoyful Church

On the occasion of Christmas Eve the pope himself carried the statue of the new-born Jesus and kissed its knee before placing it at the altar. He also urged his flock to turn themselves into a joyful church on the happy occasion even as he called Jesus the ‘light who brightens the darkness’. Elaborating on why he called Jesus so, the Argentine-born pope said that in our lives too there were both light and dark moments and if only we would give up all vices such as deceit, selfishness and pride, then the darkness would fall away ‘within us and around us’.

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