Why the Youth Use Drugs

seeking help on drug addictionAnyone can fall victim to drugs, especially the youth. Their immaturity and lack of experience make them an easier target. With all the damaging effects of substance abuse, it pays to understand what the person is going through.

According to organisations providing drug addiction help to the youth, here are some of the reasons that lead teenagers into using illicit substances:


Many youngsters do drugs to satisfy their desire to know how it feels to be high. They are just looking for some new sources of fun and enjoyment out of boredom, thus they start taking different drugs. As the human brain is wired to seek pleasurable emotions, some people begin to develop a craving for the substance. The thrill of experiencing a high for the first time could lead to addiction eventually.

Influence of Others

The youth’s environment plays a significant role in drug dependence. Many teenagers learn about illegal substances from friends, and even family members. As they give in to peer pressure easier, they end up using drugs out of their need to feel part of a group. Drug sessions become a form of socialisation among friends.

Relief from Pain

Many cases of teenage drug dependence root from an escape to psychological pain, according drug help organisations. The youth still doesn’t know how to cope up with their problems the right way at their young age. This is why they use drugs as a quick getaway from their situation. Using illegal substances helps them forget their worries, and feel happy even for a while.

Act of Rebellion

Some youth use drugs as a means of defiance against the regulations set by adults. Many youngsters go through a stage of rebellion during their teenage years. As young people want to be exclusive, they feel like taking drugs is a way to show off their individuality.

Understanding the youth is the first step towards keeping them away from illicit substances. Teenagers may want to be independent, but they still need all the help they can get. Young people still have their lives ahead of them, which is why proper guidance is necessary.



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