When New Isn’t Always Better: Things You’re Better Off Buying Used

couple shopping aroundIt’s no secret that many consumers and businesses have less cash to burn these days, but there are plenty of ways to save that don’t require sacrificing comfort, cutting coupons, or diving headfirst into the sales bin. When starting a business, for example, not all items need to be new.

For many products, there’s just no point in paying full-price when you can find the same quality in a used or second-hand product that’s a fraction of the cost. From used diesel generators to furniture to cars, here are a number of items you’re better off buying used whether for commercial or residential use:

Used Generators

Every business will need some kind of backup power source should the electricity and local grid fail. Buying new generators may seem like the logical reason, but many used diesel generator sets are still very reliable. These machines are designed to last, so the idea of longevity is a top priority during manufacturing.

These machines undergo quick maintenance and service checks before going up for sale to ensure they’re still in good working condition. Going for the used generators means you will fulfil your backup power needs while helping the environment, all without the hefty price tag.


Furniture sets are a staple in every home and office. Reseller websites, flea markets, and thrift shops are treasure troves for anyone looking for used furniture. If you have doubts about the sellers or the threat of poor quality furniture, don’t be afraid to ask family and friends to see if they’re looking to get rid of any of their current pieces.

For the living room sets, tables and chairs, you can get in touch with thrift shops and the Salvation Army. They likely offer quality used furniture at discounted rates. Just be sure to call in advance.


Whether you’re looking to buy service vehicles for the office or a car for the family, pre-owned vehicles give you great value. You can get a used car that’s five years old typically for one-third of the price of a new car. Insurance will also cost less. Just be careful not to visit used car lots without doing any research.

For businesses, their primary goals are to boost revenue and reduce costs. Reducing costs doesn’t have to mean skimping on quality, though, as there are a lot of reliable products that are still good even if they’re second-hand.

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