Ad Agency’s ‘ Hanksgiving ’ Goes Viral

An ad agency in Philadelphia took being a fan to the next level with their own spin on thanksgiving, Tom Hanks edition.


In observance of thanksgiving, the company Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners took a new twist to thanksgiving dinner, celebrating it with a “Hanksgiving” potluck, in which employees had to bring food that are inspired by Hanks’s films.

tomA Tom Hanks Thanksgiving

The event even had a movie marathon; all movies are Tom Hanks movies of course, to celebrate the occasion. Decorations were also “Hanksian,” there’s even a rocket ship piñata in the area named “Catch Me If You Candy.”

The party’s winner featured a kale salad, named “You’ve Got Kale Salad” prepared by Senior Account Manager Kristin Filipovits. The dish beat other entries like “A League of Calzone.”

According to the company, they have tried to contact Tom Hanks and have a “Google Hankout” to mark the event, but as of posting time, there’s still no answer from the award winning actor. The celebration’s photos made its rounds on Facebook and other social networking sites.

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