Never Hold Back On Pre-Purchase Building Inspections

inspecting the buildingIt may seem a tedious aspect of home purchasing but in reality, local pre-purchase building inspections are a godsend.

Most people do not think about getting pre-purchase building inspections. Some contemplate foregoing these inspections to save a few hundred dollars. Others think that doing so hastens the purchasing process, not realizing that these inspections are important for a number of reasons.

When Checking for Structural Issues

Due to safety issues and cost concerns, structurally sound buildings are essential when making a purchase. Weak structures can collapse or cause other incidents that can result in injuries.

There are also instances that a structural issue can be almost impossible to repair without major reconstruction. In these cases, homebuyers can either prepare for the reconstruction cost or look for another building.

Buildings must also conform to the National Construction Code (NCC) of Australia. If a buyer purchases a house or commercial building that does not conform to these standards, they will be responsible for the cost of bringing it up to code.

Getting a pre-purchase building inspection can prevent buyers from purchasing a building with major structural issues. This saves them major financial and emotional losses in the end.

When Budgeting for Repairs

Some buyers consider it worthwhile to buy buildings that need some repairs, as it is available for a discounted price. Going into a sale without an inspection, however, can eventually lead to huge expenses for hidden repair issues. If buyers opt for this inspection, they will learn about the repairs that they will need to do to bring the building up to standard.

With the repair information on hand, buyers can then look into hiring professionals to provide estimates for repairs. This allows the buyers to set an accurate budget for repair costs.

When it comes to renovations, pre-purchase building inspections are a cost and life saver.

When Checking for Electrical Wiring Issues and Smoke Alarms

Defective or damaged electrical wiring can cause dangerous situations, increasing the risk of accidents, such as electrocution or fire. In the event of a fire, an inadequate amount of smoke alarms installed can also increase the risk of injuries or death. A pre-purchase building inspection will help the buyer avoid serious injuries caused by these issues.

When Identifying Unsafe Areas

When purchasing a home for a family, buyers need to make sure that the house is safe and ready to live in. Pre-purchase building inspections will reveal dangerous areas of the house. For instance, the presence of asbestos and other hazardous materials, missing or loose balustrades, and cracked walls can cause health risks to prospective occupants.

Uncovering health hazards provide buyers the opportunity to decide if they are willing to take on the cost of making the house safe or not.

When Evaluating Sundry Structures

The building is not the only part of the property that needs inspection. Sundry structures, such as patios and sheds also require the keen eye of building inspectors.
Local government regulations often dictate the location for the construction of buildings. Buying a building that does not conform to these regulations might just be demolished later on.

Foregoing a pre-purchase building inspection can be tempting when thinking about saving a few hundred dollars. But come to think of it, inspection assures the buyers that the building is safe, requires no repairs, and conforms to government regulations.

Inspections can stop buyers from making the biggest financial mistake of their life. When thinking of possible huge expenses, they are just a small price to pay.


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