First Pakistani Woman To Climb Everest Sets New Goals

The first Pakistani woman to climb Mount Everest, Samina Baig, is setting her sights on bigger goals. She aims to climb seven major mountains around the world to promote women’s rights and to call attention on climate change.

First female Everest conqueror

everestEarlier this year, Baig became the first Pakistani woman to reach the 29,029-foot (8,848 meters) summit of the tallest peak in the world, after a difficult mission in rough weather.

Baig and her brother Mirza Baig aim to climb seven peaks worldwide including the Mount Vinson, the highest mountain in Antarctica; Aconcagua in Argentina, the highest in the Americas; and others in Nepal, Indonesia, and Russia.

Female empowerment

Baig said climbing the mountains was not just a sport for her, but a way to empower women.

She hopes her journey will inspire women worldwide, particularly in her home country of Pakistan, where many women face severe discrimination and domestic violence.

Northern Pakistan boasts some of the world’s most impressive mountains, but the mountaineering industry was badly affected by the massacre of some foreign climbers at the Nangga Parbat mountain earlier this year.

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