Going Mediterranean: Design Principles Behind Mediterranean-Themed Homes

achieving a Mediterranean lookThe Mediterranean is easily one of the most preferred themes of many interior designers. The region from which it hails has become the benchmark for free-flowing design that many architects and home builders try to recreate. Even the mere mention of the word brings to mind images of the rustic, colour-washed homes and manicured lawns. With the continuing rise of its influence in modern interior designing, families are in for a treat, indeed.

Recreating the Mediterranean feel in a home, however, requires particular attention to detail. It’s less about fussing on decorative elements, but more on adopting the design principles that come with it. If you want to have that special ambience in your home, bear in mind that every feature matters. Each contributes to the overall effect of the final design.

Spaces to Live

Many designers often refer Mediterranean-themed designs as Spanish Modern, as they share similar strands with the latter’s predecessors. Striking features of such design are large, liveable spaces. The climate in the Mediterranean region can be quite warm. So, having open spaces allows the air to circulate and cool the house more efficiently.

Nearby bodies of water also help regulate the temperature. Brisbane swimming pool builders often suggest putting the pool just beside an open space to allow the air to circumvent evenly throughout the house.

Summer Palettes

Mediterranean homes are characterised by warm colour palettes, which perfectly echo the region’s surroundings and general climate. If you want to apply that summer feel to your home, start by experimenting with the colours. Common choices include lavender, warm terra cotta, and yellow, but you can also try washed blue and hints of red.

You can also flesh out the colours of your home by installing complementing light fixtures. Yellow spectrum bulbs have an effect of giving a bronze look to walls. Housed in shell fixtures, they are perfect for achieving a cool, seaside atmosphere. Texture also adds dynamism to the overall design.

Easy on the Eyes

Visual depth is also an important factor in Mediterranean designs. Less sharps corners and more arching curves are staples to such homes. “Flowing” walls replicate the concept of seemingly endless coastlines in the region. This sense of continuity paves the way for fewer visual distractions, making the design easy on the eyes.

A beautifully-designed pool completes this whole effect. You can add palms and sand to complement the visual features of the design. Reliable swimming pool builders today usually accommodate such special requests. A family can always ask for their builders to add these features.

Ultimately, Mediterranean designs are all about simplicity. Let the details shine by eliminating unnecessary features. Doing so, you are building the way Mediterranean homes should be—unrestricted, laid-back, and free.

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