5 Essential Ingredients to a Successful Kitchen Renovation

basic kitchen renovationA well-designed kitchen offers maximum efficiency and minimal clutter. It serves both as a cooking space and a place to spend quality time with your family. A successful kitchen renovation maximises the space you have, making it more functional and stylish.

Here’s the recipe to a successful kitchen renovation:

Know the Scope of Your Kitchen Remodelling

Know the areas in your kitchen you want to change. Think of items you plan to reuse or refinish to keep the project under budget. A shabby chic style may be inappropriate if you have a home that features modern design. Maintain a sense of flow and consistency without making other rooms look too identical.

De-clutter the Space

Cleaning out your space is the first step in your kitchen renovation project. Remove products that are past their expiration date or those you don’t intend to use. Clean cabinets thoroughly and use contact paper to keep surfaces looking fresh and sanitary. Gather things that belong in another room of your house, including bills and notes. Choose a starting point, like the kitchen cabinets or drawers. Take everything out and sort each item, depending on their purpose.

Evaluate and Categorise the Kitchen Space

Evaluate the cupboards, cabinets, and drawers to know how you can maximise your space. Everyday items should be stored in easily accessible drawers and cabinets. Place special occasion china and silverware on the top shelves and heavy items in base cabinets.

Choose storage for bowls, plates, cups, mugs, and platters. Allot another space for spices and baking ingredients. Label shelves to help keep members of the household informed about your newly organised cabinets. Place cooking supplies commonly used in a convenient location. Store your spatulas, tongs, and cooking utensils in large ceramic jars. Hanging pots and pans are also attractive display that saves cabinet space.

Create a Lighting Plan

Replace your lighting with an updated fixture if the current one isn’t enough. Most homeowners use pendant lights, and under cabinet lighting. Make sure there’s enough light in the area for when preparing food.

Update Your Walls

Nothing dates a space faster than peeling paint or wallpaper. Choose a light colour to make your space appear bigger if your kitchen space is small. Decide on the decorative pieces. This might include baskets, wall art, and countertop decorations. Avoid blue paint as it’s a natural appetite suppressant.

These additional features will save space and make your kitchen organised. With a little creativity and help from a professional, you’ll be able to make the most of your kitchen remodelling project.



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