Putting Wedding Couples in a Good Light: Lighting Tips for Wedding Photographers

wedding photographyLighting is an important factor that photographers take into account to make the bride and groom look stunning in their wedding albums. As wedding photos are usually taken at different locations and with different backgrounds, photographers need different lighting set ups. With proper lighting techniques, the resulting photos will be wonderful to look at once they’re compiled in a well-designed album.

Here are some lighting tips that wedding photographers should remember:

Inside the church or similar wedding venue

A combination of natural light and a digital flash should be able to provide the right amount of lighting. A wide angle lens is ideal for shots in this setting. With a 17-35 mm lens, you should be within 5 to 6 feet away from the couple. To make sure that they are the center of attention, the subjects shouldn’t stand too close to the background.


There are two important things to remember when shooting outside. One, the background should provide enough depth. Two, there should be cover from the overhead light. Most photographers choose the church’s front walkway as it this usually shaded. Regardless of the spot you choose, the ambient light has to come from the side of the area. Before using a flash, check if the exposure is set for the ambient light.

In direct sunlight

When there’s direct sunlight, the couple should be posed in such a way that the rays fall on both their faces. Use a flash on the opposite side of the natural light source to make their faces look radiant. Set the flash at f-stop over the ambient sunlight to create a dramatic natural effect. Even with the strong sunlight, this technique will highlight the detail in the subjects’ eyes. Make sure to coach them so they won’t appear with furrowed brows in the pictures.

Wedding photography demands different lighting setups. Apart from the techniques, though, the photographer should have the right tools handy to achieve a well-rounded shoot. The right combination of detachable flash units, mono lights, and ambient lighting will allow you to capture every moment perfectly.

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