Iran To Ease Visa Requirements As Visitors Rise

Long-isolated Iran announced its plans to relax visa requirements amid a surge in tourism, as part of new country leader Hassan Rouhani’s strategy to attract more visitors.

iranTourism boom

Iran is home to some of the world’s oldest civilizations and historical places that date back several thousands of years.

According to state run media,  once the new visa rules are effective, visitors from most countries will be able to pick up their visas on arrival.

The new guidelines, however, have exceptions from at least ten nations including the UK and the US.

Positive impression

President Rouhani is clearly looking at ways to have a positive impression on the international community to solve the country’s nuclear dispute and improve relations with the West.

Iran is used to be a top destination in the region, but the Iranian revolution led to weak tourism industry.

The number of travelers significantly declined, mainly because of its political and economic isolation, as well as warnings by Western governments that Iran was a dangerous country.

Tourism officials expect less restrictive visa rules will help those numbers increase rapidly.

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