Top Counter Top Choices for Timeless Kitchen Designs

kitchenWhen remodeling your kitchen in Little Rock, your counter top design is among the first things considered besides the budget. The counter top dictates a kitchen’s style, and is usually the focal point. The design of the kitchen is often determined by the color and material you choose to use for your counter top. Whether you prefer a cold marble or warm butcher block counter top, here’s a guide to help you look for the right counter top in Little Rock.


Granite is among the most popular counter top choices for its look and texture. Not only does it exude a timeless look, but it is also durable, and resistant to scratches and heat. Although it is easy to clean, you have to seal it periodically to preserve the natural stone. Because of its quality, solid granite counter tops are usually pricey. With the proper maintenance and care, you can make granite counter tops more affordable in Little Rock by making it last a lifetime.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel fits well in both contemporary and traditional kitchen styles. The nature of this nonporous metal doesn’t require regular sealing. Another bonus, stainless steel is antibacterial and easy to clean with soap and water. Just make sure to dry the surface with a clean cloth afterwards to reduce water spots. Stainless steel cleaners let you get rid of tough stains and scratches.

Butcher Block

Butcher block counter tops add an immediate warmth to any kitchen with its timeless design. You won’t ever have to use a cutting board again. If you’re worried about scratches, simply sand them out. Avoid water damage by sealing your block with mineral oil frequently.


Marble is known for its luxurious aesthetics. If you like baking, cold marble is perfect kneading dough. This natural stone, however, requires periodic sealing because it stains and chips easily.

Quality kitchen counter tops are the trademark of well-designed kitchens. Counter tops are where you prepare and arrange meals, store kitchen utensils, and more. Make sure to select a counter top most suitable for you according to functionality, appearance, hygiene, and cost.

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