Make the Grass Greener on Your Side: Tips on Watering Your Lawn

lawnTurf grasses need regular maintenance. While reliable turf suppliers can provide your lawn with healthy turf grasses, it’s up to you to maintain the grasses’ condition. You can take care of them through mowing and fertilisation. On top of these tasks, watering your lawn properly is the easiest thing that you can do to maintain your lawn’s healthy appearance.

When to water

The grasses will be able to tell you when it’s time to water them – when some of their blades begin to fold. You don’t have to wait for that time, though. Think about watering your lawn in the morning. This is the ideal time because there’s less evaporation, considering that the sun hasn’t fully risen. Watering in the morning washes off harmful spores that develop during the night.

Avoid watering at night. When it’s cool, dark, and moist, diseases will develop on the grass. If you’re watering in the afternoon, there should be enough time for them to dry before night sets in.

Amount of water

Your lawn needs about one to two inches of water each week to survive. To determine if the turf grass is getting the right amount of water, place many empty cans next to your lawn. Turn on the sprinkler and wait for the cans to fill up water up to an inch high. Take note how long it takes for the cans to fill up with that much water.It will help you determine the amount of time necessary for the turf grass to soak an inch of water,giving you an idea how frequent you should water the lawn.

 Do not soak the lawn

Over watering doesn’t just waste your water supply, it also makes the grass prone to diseases. Get expert advice from your turf supplier on how to implement proper watering system to eliminate insect and disease problems.

Supplemental watering can make a difference in lawn maintenance. As long as you water regularly and properly, your lawn will maintain its colour and health for a long time.

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