LG Announces Curved Smartphones

LGThe race to offer the first, curved smartphone is heating up.

LG has announced it will start mass producing  what it calls the “world’s first flexible OLED display for smartphones.”

‘Flexible’ smartphone

The South Korean company said it hopes to start offering the first smartphones to feature the tech by 2014.

The announcement comes weeks after Samsung announced it would introduce a smartphone with a curved display. Samsung said it intended to launch its first device, a special edition of the Galaxy Note 3.

Both tech firms already use the technology to offer curved OLED television sets.

Although the displays used in the  TVs are “flexible,” they’re mounted in fixed shells so they cannot be bent or otherwise re-shaped by the owner.

Design innovations

A press release from LG indicated that the company was looking at making smartphones that were both flexible or in a fixed curved shape so that they were built to fit around the shape of the human face.

It said the benefit of using the intended handset was that the panel as “bendable and unbreakable.”

LG and Samsung have been thinking about the prospect of flexible displays for the last few years, but had it postponed by manufacturing challenges and uncertainty over how consumers would receive the technology.

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