Health Insurance Markets Open Up Amidst Much Hoopla

health1The health insurance markets that lie at the heart of the new health care plan dished out by President Barack Obama opened for the millions of uninsured Americans on Tuesday, even as the Congress was locked in a budget battle and the government stared at an imminent shutdown.

For the several citizens who plan to enter the new world of health insurance, it remains to be seen if the process of shopping for health coverage is simplified or only becomes more complicated.

Effect of Government Shutdown

The opening of the health insurance exchanges or marketplaces comes on the same day as the shutdown of the government, although the latter is not expected to cause any immediate effect on the former, since it operates with money that is not a part of the annual budget bickering in Washington.

The Obama administration is hoping to sign up at least 7 million people in the first year. However, if people face glitches in the system or become unhappy with the premiums and plans, this goal might remain far from being achieved.

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