What to Eat as a Diabetic

Eating the recommended meals for diabetics is an important part of diabetic treatment. This, along with the appropriate medication and maintenance of an ideal body weight paves the road towards effective management of the condition. Consult your nutritionist to help you set guidelines on finding good meals for diabetics.

Let’s Talk About Numbers

assorted fruitsAs a rule of thumb, note that Type 1 diabetes patients should take approximately 16 calories per body weight pound. For instance, a woman who weighs 125 pounds should have a daily diet consisting of around 2,000 calories. On the other hand, a man who weighs the same should take a daily total of 3,000.

There’s also Type 2 diabetes. Patients who have this condition are typically made to consume only 1500 to 1800 calories per day to accommodate their weight maintenance program. And because men have more muscle mass than women, they require more calories.

Carbohydrates are of the Essence

Make sure to consume more complex carbohydrates to balance your blood sugar levels. You shouldn’t, however, try to lower it too much as your body may compensate by consuming a higher fat diet, which isn’t healthy because your meals should be balanced even if you’re not a diabetic.

Your nutritionist, aside from thoroughly reviewing you on the matter, may also suggest that you get a calorie counter book. These prove to be helpful, and are also relatively inexpensive. This will make you discover that preparing healthy meals entails counting all the calories entering your body. Such practice deters lack of faithfulness to your health regimen, hence you will notice your meals eventually becoming low-fat and low-sugar, coloured by fruits, vegetables, white meat, whole wheat, and plenty of water.

Preparing meals that consider the needs of a diabetic is actually like preparing healthy meals for your family, as it entails the same types of food. It’s just that meal plans for the sick seem to be stricter, as failure to comply comes with serious health risks. Note, however, that the idea of taking health as a priority should be for all, as going against this does pose serious health risks for all, and not just for diabetics.

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