Google Seeks To Dismiss Lawsuit That Prevents Them From Scanning Gmail

google caseAttorneys for the tech giant Google say that the company’s long-running practice of scanning the Gmail contents of user accounts that helps in the sale of ads is legal. In light of this, they have asked the federal judge to dismiss a case that stops the internet giant from doing so.

Google’s Case

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of 10 individuals who say that Google ‘unlawfully opens up, reads and acquires contents of people’s private email messages’ that effectively violates California’s privacy laws.

On the other hand, Google is arguing that ‘all users of email must necessarily expect that their emails will be subject to automated processing’.

Sean Rommel, a Texas attorney, who is co-counseling the Google case said that the internet company goes through every word of emails meticulously, which it can use for purposes other than just for targeting advertising. This means that the injury to Gmail users doubles as their privacy is invaded and they face loss of property.

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