Popular Fish Species of the Northern Territory

The Australian waters are home to different species of fish. These include the black marlin, coral trout, blue tuna, and Spanish mackerel. This makes fishing one of the most popular outdoor activities in the country. The Northern Territory, for example, offers fishing opportunities all year round. If you’ve tried Samoa fishing, you’ll love fishing within the Northern Territory.

The following are some of the species that you can catch in the area:


Barramundi is part of Australia’s large fishing industry. They are used to stock freshwater reservoirs for recreational fishing during sportfishing holidays. A large fish, barramundi has an elongated body with a large, slanting mouth and an upper jaw that extends behind the eye. The species of fish is hermaphroditic. The fingerlings are born male before turning into female after 4 years.

Barramundi are highly regarded by anglers as they offer a great challenge. They are adept at avoiding fixed nets, although they can be caught with fishing lures.

Black Jewfish

Black jewfish can give anglers a tough time as it can move easily into treacherous reef or rock formations to avoid capture. Rod and reel combinations are best for this tackle. Anglers usually lock drags when tackling black jewfish in tight places, making tough drag system an important tool.

A school of this species can be found in depths up to 100 metres although they can also be present in coastal bays, estuaries, and river rock bars. They can weigh up to 45 kilos in weight and reach about 140-142cm in length.

Long tail tuna

The long tail tuna is commonly found in the northern waters, although they would migrate to the south in the summer. This species prefer inshore waters and are often seen in a school with other species of tuna. Anglers may catch the long tail tuna using lures and baits, but it can be difficult to tempt. You may use just about any type of lures to catch one.

The long tail tuna can reach a maximum length of 142 cm and weigh about 35.6 kg. They can also be recognized by the presence of long, colourless spots on their underside and belly.

If you’re looking for a unique adventure, the Northern Territory can be a satisfying place to get started.

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