Making It Mobile: Managing Website Content Using Your iPhone or Android Phone

Recent trends show a massive growth in mobile phone usage, with Australia becoming the second highest smart phone users around the world based on population density. As such, many web design companies now offer services on mobile site design and methodologies to update the site using smart phone or tablet.

At present, site owners want more control over what goes on behind the scenes. Many people, however, find it intimidating to do it themselves, often due to lack of technical know-how. Fortunately, it is highly possible and easier with the right content managing system (CMS).

Prioritise Ease of Use

When choosing a web site design company from Perth, always ask about the CMS tool that they use and request for a demo. The most common are web based tools, which owners may also access on a mobile device. Some may even provide a mobile app that works on an iPhone or Android phone.

In addition, find out if there is a way to update the site without bothering about complicated codes. There are mobile CMS apps that allow those who are not tech savvy to update a site without trouble. Some of the best tools include a WYSIWYG editor.

Think of Flexibility

It’s important to take note of any customisation options that don’t require expert developer skills to tweak. Great CMS apps allow its users to modify how the site functions effortlessly, such as adding or removing plugins.

It’s easy to believe that a site does not need add-ons, as they are not entirely necessary for a site to work. These tools, however, enhance user experience when visiting a website. While they’re not required, these are features many people appreciate. Without a plugin to do that, site owners may need a web design company to manually add that feature for them. These include plugins that let visitors share content to different social networking sites or those that allow a customer to change how the site looks. These little tweaks may just be what will separate a company from the competition.

Maximise Performance

As updating web content from a mobile device requires accessing the Internet with a mobile data plan, think of the app’s performance and speed. When requesting a demo for a mobile CMS app, check how quickly the site content is accessed and updated.

The app should also respond quickly on the iPhone or Android device. An app that does not perform well becomes frustrating to use, negating the purpose of using a mobile device to do things faster.

Request Information Security

Some people are unaware how mobile devices can be susceptible to hacking and information theft. This usually happens when an iPhone or Android phone connects to the Internet via unsecured networks.

With this in mind, remember to request information on how secure an app is from these attacks. A good CMS mobile app protects important things such as the owner’s login details and other pieces of information entered.

Favour Support from App Maker

When it comes to choosing a mobile CMS app, people often neglect support and documentation. Both are actually helpful when dealing with usability, customisation, and other issues.

Those who created the app should be able to provide all the necessary documentation and support. These include help files or how-to guides, accessible customer service, and other information that can make things easier for the app user.

In today’s dynamic world dominated by mobile devices, delivering fresh information to readers is easier than ever. Visit to get more details on different CMS options.

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