Teardrops of the Gods: The Diamond Engagement Ring Tradition

There are many theories explaining the reason behind diamonds used in engagement rings. While other precious gems may be used, the diamond is the most popular choice. Most jewelry stores offer either premade diamond rings, or attach loose diamonds for sale to custom rings.

History suggests that ancient Egyptians started the tradition of engagement bands, but the first well-documented use of diamond engagement rings was in 1477. When Archduke Maximilian of Austria presented a diamond ring to Mary of Burgundy, it influenced people who belong to a higher social class or significant wealth to do the same.

Diamonds Represent Lasting Marriages

For centuries, people have been considering diamonds as the ultimate symbol of love. It’s because of their beauty, strength, and durability that many associate diamonds with a lasting marriage. People in ancient times also had a belief that a diamond’s “inner fire” reflected the burning flame of everlasting love.

Diamonds are Common Yet Valuable

While diamonds are the most common gems of choice for engagement rings, it doesn’t make these precious stones any less valuable. In Greek and Roman times, many believed that diamonds were the hardened tears of gods. In addition, these clear jewels are the strongest and hardest minerals on earth. With unparalleled mechanical and aesthetic properties, no other gem can destroy or lessen its value.

Diamonds are Easy to Take Care Of

Diamonds are the strongest natural stones known to man. As such, they are easy to maintain and mostly resistant to damage. It doesn’t take much effort to keep it beautiful and pristine. Apart from removing the diamond ring during activities that might damage the stone, it’s also ideal to use a jewelry cleaning kit or take the ring to a jeweler regularly to maintain its luster and beauty.

Diamonds Come In a Variety of Shapes and Colors

This cubic crystal may be popular in its clear form, but there are other colors of diamonds available. Diamonds can become pink, green, yellow, blue, brown, purple, orange, or red, depending on defects, impurities, or exposure to other elements.

Diamonds may come in wide range of shapes, each with its own beauty and appeal. The most common cuts have basic shapes such as round, oval, princess (square) and pear (teardrop). There are also slightly more complex designs like the emerald, asscher, marquise, radient, heart, and cushion.

Many jewelers and online stores have a large selection of loose princess cut diamonds for sale, as along with other cuts and colors that match any personality. Search online to view the options available.

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