Keeping Your Coin Collection Priceless

Collecting coins is fun and fulfilling, especially if you have some rare finds in your collection. Serious collectors take care of their prized possessions carefully. To do this, they spend time looking for items that can protect their coins effectively. Keep the value of your coins by learning how to store, and handle them correctly.


Rare coins, such as sovereign coins, have a long history. Knowing how to store these coins properly can help you preserve your collection effectively.

Humidity is one of the biggest enemies of coin collectors. When you expose your coins to water vapour, a chemical reaction will occur and ruin them permanently. Acid is another chemical that can ruin your collection. Common supplies used for coin collecting contain acids. Silver and copper coins are more sensitive to acid than coins made of other metals.

Air pollution is not just harmful to your health but also to your coins. Exposure to air pollution can result in ugly toning and corrosion. If you are living in a densely populated area with high levels of smog, make sure to store your collection in airtight containers. This can get rid of problems of humidity and air pollution.

The first thing you have to know when starting your collection is how to handle them. When buying gold coins, and other kinds of coins, make sure your hands are clean. Oil and dirt can ruin your collection.  Some recommend wearing cotton gloves. When doing so, think of working on a safe working surface – ideally a soft cloth or towel. This way, when you accidentally drop the coin, it will fall on a soft surface and decrease any chances of dents. When choosing a towel as your working surface, choose one without a fabric softener. The chemical from the softener can cause a chemical reaction.

It is fun to collect coins but it also comes with responsibilities. Take care of your coins properly to avoid diminishing its value. Consult experts on sovereign coins and other rare items to learn more on how to care for your collection.

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