Improve Your Business Operation with Geomagic Qualify 3D Inspection Software

Inspection and measurement are important phases of production, as they enable manufacturers to assess the quality of their products. Automating these processes with the help of 3D inspection software will make the job faster, easier, and more efficient. This program allows production personnel to compare digital reference models and as-built parts. Understanding how this product works will help you improve product quality, identify issues, and increase productivity.

Digital Reference Models vs. As-Built Parts

There’s no need to settle for two-dimensional measurements, as you can capture every detail of your as-built part. You can accurately identify trouble spots if you measure and compare the entire part. Geomagic Qualify has powerful hard-probing capabilities that capture full 3D scan data. This is a great advantage, especially if you want to combine 3D scanning with hard probing. You can easily determine product features, measure specific areas, or evaluate GD&T callouts.

Scanning and Aligning

The software lets you collect 3D scan data from physical parts, which you can use for measurement and comparison to reference models. It matches features or geometry, allowing you to align the data in just a few clicks. It can handle simple 3-2-1 alignments, as well as the more complex feature-driven alignments. The N-point alignment allows you to align unlike objects using point pairs. You can also enjoy faster startup time and improved handling of compensation vectors when you buy the latest version.

Comparing and Evaluating

Maximize your production time using this software. Its fast, accurate measurement and analysis tools will let you see where deviations occur in your models. You can easily add annotations so you won’t forget where those imperfections are.


This software has the best-in-class capabilities that make it the most comprehensive and accurate 3D metrology solution. You can design and customize inspection reports to meet the requirements of your company. The software also allows you to share your report results in different formats such as PDF and Microsoft Word.

These features prove that 3D scanning software is a good investment for your business. Get it from a reliable supplier and enjoy all of its benefits.

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