3 Scooter Trick Tips: How to Bunny Hop, Grind, and Jump

A scooter basically consists of a deck, handlebar, and wheels. Self-propelled scooters, also known as “kick scooters”, can be used to perform tricks similar to those performed on BMX bikes or skateboards. As the pioneer in freestyle scooter designs, District Scooters hit up Florida on their tour last June 2012 and pro riders got to show off plenty of big-time firsts and technical trickery. Whether you are a beginner or professional rider, here are a few tricks you can start practicing now.

Bunny Hop

The Bunny Hop is a standard trick that will help you get on to more serious and advanced tricks. Search for a flat, clear area where you can practice the Bunny Hop trick. Parking lots, skate parks, and driveways are the best. Begin by gliding up to a decent amount of speed. Grab the handlebars with both hands, pull up, bend your knees and jump! Keep the deck pressed against the bottom of your feet and land with the deck parallel to the floor.

180- and 360-Air Jumps

The better you get at the bunny hop, the higher you’ll be able to jump with your scooter. Once you can jump high enough, turn your body and the handlebars in mid-air, while swinging the whole scooter around 180 degrees. Land facing the opposite direction from where you’ve started. Once you’ve mastered the 180-air jump, you can now start practicing the 360-degree jump. It is performed the same way, except this time, you turn full circle and land facing the same direction you began when doing the bunny hop.


Grinding should ideally be performed on a waxed surface. Doing the trick may not always be possible when you’re out on the street. However, skaters wax things. They run around rubbing down rails and curbs with wax while no one is watching so they can grind, play, slip and slide. Bringing candle wax with you in your pocket can be helpful. Typical places to grind include the handlebars of a descending staircase or a low-standing wall. You start by doing a bunny hop and manoeuvre your scooter to land on the surface you would like to grind on. Try to make the scooter land diagonal to that surface, with only the bottom of the deck hitting it. After completing the grind, jump off the surface and land safely.

These are just a few of the tricks riders can perform. Just make sure you have the right scooter for the job. There are plenty of state-of-the-art trick scooters available at Prolineskates, including District and Grit Scooters.

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