On Stamps and Franking Machines: Learning Basic Philately

In a world where everyone depends on their smartphones and tablets to kill time, many have forgotten doing something that will make them realise how much time has passed. Collecting stamps is one of those activities. It’s one avocation everyone can enjoy. It doesn’t require electricity or Wi-Fi. Just basic knowledge of philately and patience will do to have pure appreciation of this pursuit. Before saying you want to get a George Washington postage stamp or find out how the Franking machines worked before, here are some insights that will help you prepare for this hobby.

Your Inspiration

Starting any hobby requires inspiration. You may ask your grandma and grandpa to hand you their collections. You can also go to museums to see how stamps are compiled. Newbies should also head to the local library or bookstore for some guides on starting and managing this pursuit.

Your Type of Collection

You will end up with nothing if you try to get everything. Similarly, if you’re going to collect stamps without focusing on a theme, you’ll eventually grow bored doing it. You will feel that your collection will have no direction. Decide on what you want to collect. For instance, you can collect stamps or relevant items, like old franking machines, of a specific country or era.

Your Sources

There are many ways to get your fix. Sources may range from your grandparents to that shabby store in your neighbourhood. But if you’re really a dedicated collector and have the luxury of time and finances, you can travel to some places. Otherwise, you can just consult the Internet for sales and trades.

Your Arsenal of Tools

Collecting stamps doesn’t mean gathering them and just pasting them in one of your spare notebooks. You will have to use special storage that will preserve the condition of your collection. An album is your friend. Don’t paste your items to your pages. Affix them to the album page by using mounts.
You will also need a magnifying glass that will let you see the details of your prized items. As stamps can be delicate, you can use tweezers or small tongs when picking them up.

Stamp collecting is one way to appreciate the beauty of the past. And that appreciation is one way to realise how far we’ve gone in terms of postal services, from carrying your letters by hand to modern Franking machine rental systems.

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