When Sports Teams Change Addresses

Having a local team that plays well in professional leagues in sports like basketball and soccer gives an exceptional feeling of elation to anyone. Just the sight of one’s city name and colors on the podium is enough to spark a joyful celebration. Just like a homeowner hiring professional movers, however, there are several cases when a sports team has to pack their bags and relocate to another place—a scenario no die-hard fan hopes to happen to their beloved teams.

Greener Pastures

There are a handful of reasons a sports team has to relocate. In North America, for instance, sports organizations are little bit different. Unlike in other places like Europe and South America, North American professional leagues like Major League Soccer and Major League Baseball have no promotion-relegation system. In other words, teams don’t have to rely solely on performance to gain considerable status.

Cities can host a team on three conditions—by waiting for a league expansion, forming or joining a rival league, or relocation. The last option is most common route for most cities. They entice sports franchises with sizeable investments like sponsorships and stadia. One storied example of this is the Los Angeles Lakers move from Minneapolis to its current host city. The Lakers was doing exceptionally well in the League when they were in Minneapolis. But after the retirement of their superstar George Mikan and subsequent financial difficulties along the way, the team found greater opportunities in the City of Angels.

Epic Journey

In other countries, sports team relocations are always a frenzied event. Due to economic development and burgeoning fan base, some professional teams, particularly in soccer, find it necessary to relocate. In a smaller perspective, a homeowner can always employ the services of a moving company. But soccer team relocation is a move of epic proportions. The Arsenal Football Club, for example, has its own share of relocation and stadium change. They first plied their trade in Woolwich, southern part of London, and then moved north to Highbury. After an influx of foreign investment, they moved to the new Emirates Stadium.

Every city has its own stories to tell. Each one has something that every citizen can be proud of. Perhaps, most important of all, every city has a sports team to cheer on, no matter where they are based. Like the way Phoenix professional movers help people to turn a new leaf, sports teams need their fans to move on.

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