Four Ways to Improve Brand Positioning with Local SEO

You’re probably thinking of going national or even global with your digital marketing campaign. In most cases, it pays to start small and go local first.

SEO providers would argue that local SEO is now the best strategy to choose. If you are working on brand positioning, this strategy benefits you in so many important ways, helps you accomplish more while employing less tactics and spending less money.

There are 4 ways you can use local SEO for your brand positioning:

Optimise Your Site Locally

Compared to SEO, local website optimisation is concerned with incorporation of your city and state on your on-site content. This way, your website is associated with the location of your business or targeted markets. This makes it easier for your market to find you. It is also a great way to establish your brand.

On-site optimisation also makes sure that your contact information is consistent all throughout the site. This not only makes your website optimised for search engines but also look more legitimate to online users. This strategy also includes the creation of rich snippets and installation of apps or plugins that would make your website more optimised for local searches.

Claim Your Business Listing

Claiming your business listing is probably the most important aspect of local marketing. This is why it’s one of the most guaranteed SEO services included in the package. Claiming your listing in Google Maps makes a big difference to your business. Whenever someone searches for your brand name, your location is shown on the map with your information. This gives users a good idea about what your company does and the products and services you offer.

If the contact information on your Google Maps page is consistent and widely used on other websites, Google gives your company a citation. While you can’t always ensure that your name, address, and phone number are the same across all pages, the search engine giant will still reward your efforts. Online users are also most likely to get in touch with you if they know how and where.

Get Customer Reviews

Over 80 percent of the world’s population surf the Net before making a purchase. Other than finding the information provided by the companies themselves, consumers also like checking out reviews and testimonials from people with firsthand experience of the product and service. Engage your customers, encourage them to leave reviews, comments, or testimonials. Tell your customers that receiving feedback is one way for you to improve your offerings. If you manage your reputation online properly, you can be a trusted name for the products and services that you provide.

Google Maps has a part where online users can give you customer reviews. Getting more than 10 reviews gets you a score, which is displayed along with your search result. When you receive negative reviews, you are given a chance to respond.

Build Top-Quality Links

Link building is often the most neglected yet significant part in local marketing. It affects your PageRank score as well. Links provide Google a basis of how important your website is. More importantly, it lets your market find you faster and easier. By building quality links, you can position your brand in the best way possible. You can even make your online visibility more prominent in the long run.

If you employ a local marketing strategy for your business, these are only some of the ways it can help you with your brand and reputation. Many SEO companies are ready to provide you the information you need. Instead of going global, start with local and make sure that you set in place strong foundations for your brand.

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