Home Security Systems: Making Homes and Businesses Safer

Whether you’re a home or a business owner, it’s important to install an alarm monitoring service on your property. Security systems make homes a safer and more peaceful place to live in. They also protect businesses from burglars and ensure its continuous operation. As incidents of burglary in the country increase, home security should be your top priority.

The Start of Home Security

The first home security systems were invented in the 1960’s and came in the form of deadbolts, a locking mechanism. As more homes installed them in the 1970’s, burglaries went on a steady decline. It was also during these years that American District Telegraph, a home security company in the United States started to develop the best alarm monitoring service, electronic security systems, fire alarm systems, communication systems, and integrated building management systems. ADT is the largest security company in the U.S. and Canada. To make their security systems more accessible, the company supplies its products to security companies. Today, it has 400 authorized dealers across America and Canada.

For Businesses

If you are planning to install security systems in your workplace, you are making a smart decision. Security systems are one of the most important investments you can make. It helps protect your assets against potential thieves. Security systems are available in different levels, depending on the requirement of your business. You can install surveillance cameras, computer security applications, motion detectors, and alarm systems.

For Homes

Break-ins do not just occur in jewelry and luxury stores. They also happen at home. In fact, reports suggest that 66 percent of all burglaries are residential or home break-ins. Every year, burglars break into millions of homes in the country, occurring mostly during the summer months. This is why you need to install a security system in your home. The most common security systems you can install include sensors, motion detectors, control panels, and alarms.

Break-ins may not only lead to the loss of property or personal belongings, they may also lead to physical altercations with the suspect. When intruders break into a property, they are often unconcerned about the safety of anyone they come across. This is why it’s even more important to install alarm monitoring services in your home or business.

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