Transforming Plain, Boring Interior Doors to Stylish Entryways

Interior doors are often plain and generic looking. They usually have identical paint colors and use very simple hardware. If this sounds like your doors at home, maybe it’s time to do some sprucing up. It takes a great idea with a few simple steps to improve the look and feel of your doors. Here are some tips and ideas on updating plain residential interior doors.

Paint them

One of the easiest ways to dress up boring doors is to give them a new color. When thinking of painting a door, choose a color that matches the surrounding walls and other interior decors. This should help create harmony. Another option is to go for a striking color. This is a nice idea if you want to make the door stand out or make a design statement out of it.

Replace doorknobs and hinges

Doorknobs and hinges are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and features. Many interior doors for sale today feature unique hardware that makes them more interesting. Go for door hardware that go well with the theme and design of the home.

Put signs and decors

If you want to retain the features of the doors, you can add a simple accent to it. A simple trick is hanging custom room signs. Make signs that either read the name of the room’s owner or what the area is for, such as “Andy’s Room,” “Nursery,” or “Studio.”

You can also hang decors such as wreaths, wind chimes, or other season-inspired decorations. Other excellent additions to your doors are baskets of flowers and improvised mail holders.

Use it as display area

Interior doors are good areas to display posters, pictures, and artworks. You can post your favorite movie poster, a collage of recent family photographs, or seasonal holiday cards. This way, you’re not just bringing new life to your doors; you’re also adding a personal touch to it.

Another good idea is buying a new door. If you don’t have an idea of the cost, search online for interior door prices.

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