The Future of Data Centers and Energy Usage

Energy has always been a big issue in data centers. As most traditional models rely on electricity to operate efficiently, the end-user could suffer from high power costs. Apart from that, the increasing effects of climate change give rise to the dislike of environmental groups toward the continuous use of electricity, which emits greenhouse gases, at facilities used for data center management.

Tomorrow is looking bright, though, for data center management. With these energy-related concerns in mind, many data center designers have been developing hardware models to minimize energy consumption without compromising computing.

Link between Location and Energy-efficiency

One of the trends on the spotlight to lessen power usage is the data center’s location. The area where the facility is located is a factor for the cooling of the hardware. Apart from the actual computing, data center facilities use electricity-powered fans and air conditioning systems to cool down.

Several data center designers found out that building the facility exposed to elements of nature such as cascades and ambient air can cool it down without a system dependent on electricity.

Alternative Source of Energy

Using natural gas as the main source of power is also at play. The excess amount of natural gas found in the US could be the answer to the energy costs and environmental implication dilemma of companies using data center operations management.

Companies can build onsite generators to burn natural gas and get adequate supply of power for their needs. This model is part of the future of data center operations. In fact, one company designed a 240,000 square-foot cogeneration data center facility to generate electricity out of natural gas and uses hot gases in the generator’s exhaust to run its cooling system.

Renewable Forms of Energy

Building facilities with renewable forms of energy is at the mind of designers today as well. Apart from creating high-density data centers filled with 20kW racks to do more computing with an intelligent cooling capability, self-renewing source of local energy holds the future of data center facilities. Many companies are now experimenting on this venture. A company has tried using biogas from a wastewater treatment facility for power. Building data centers near renewable sources of energy such as windy areas and fast-flowing streams is one of the ideas for this project.

The future is full of possibilities. The current trends in data center facilities management show the kind of path the industry is taking. An industry not only concerned with performance and costs, but also with the preservation of the environment.

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