Why You Shouldn’t Delay Seeing Your Gynecologist

Every woman who dreams to start her own family should always maintain her health. After all, you will not be able to take care of your family if you fail to care for your own body. Good thing there are medical professionals who exclusively cater to women’s needs, particularly when it comes to having a child: gynecologists.

Some women, however, hesitate to visit their Miami OB/GYN because of a number of reasons. While regular consultation may require you to sacrifice time and exert effort, and perhaps spend money, it pays to have complete information on what’s happening to your body. Seeing your gynecologist helps you:

Detect and Prevent Illnesses

You’ll have better chances of preventing an illness from developing if you know its symptoms. Though you can refer to some helpful online resources, consulting professional gynecologists in Miami is always the best option for you. They can give the right information about maintaining good reproductive health. It’s not just about you; it’s also about the baby growing inside you.

Apart from this, they can also easily detect any physical anomalies that you might have. Some illnesses have symptoms that are not easily noticeable, STD’s and Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, for example. In the US, health institutions recommend a Pap smear and pelvic exam to women ages 21 and above. These exams help you prevent cervical cancer and detect HIV.

Diagnose Intense Abdominal Pain

If you suffer from frequent abdominal pain, accompanied by light-headedness and shoulder pain, you might have a ruptured ectopic pregnancy. All women who are old enough to bear children are at risk of having this and should be mindful of their body. If you detect any of the symptoms, it’s best that you see a doctor immediately.

Cure Amenorrhea

Most women do not menstruate during pregnancy and after menopause. For most of them, this is normal, but if you do not menstruate when you normally should, it’s high time that you see an OB/GYN in Miami. Amenorrhea or absence of periods is usually a symptom of a medical condition. Changes in organs, glands, and hormones can trigger prolonged absence of menstrual periods. Studies show that stress and depression are the usual suspects for these changes. Gynecologists can help you understand how your body works.

Detect Breast Lumps

A breast lump deserves immediate medical attention. Though there are lumps that are not cancerous, abnormal lumps in your chest are usually a breast cancer symptom. Ask your doctor about what measures to take especially if you notice skin changes on your chest, such as redness, crusting, dimpling, or puckering.

Don’t put off seeing your gynecologists. If you notice any sudden, abnormal changes, see your doctor immediately. You can browse websites that offer information on good gynecologists in Miami.

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