Anti-Gravity Yoga: A Different Kind of High

Anti-Gravity Yoga is a new kind of workout coined by popular aerial performer Christopher Harrison. Harrison had an illustrious career as a former gymnast and Broadway choreographer. Combining the intricacies of Pilates, aerial acrobatics, gymnastics and yoga using an aerial hammock, the result is now slowly becoming popular to fitness enthusiasts. If you’re looking for a total body workout that’s both challenging and fun, try anti-gravity yoga.

Here are some of the benefits of anti-gravity yoga:

Increased Strength and Flexibility

Anti-gravity yoga will put your body to the limit. Just think about how difficult it is to maintain your balance while achieving inner peace, perched on a yoga hammock. The routine helps improve your strength, allowing you access to physical power you never knew existed. There’s also the added benefit of increased flexibility, as the aerial maneuvers lengthen your spine. This makes it more flexible and reducing brittleness.

Unique Way to Health and Fitness

One of the problems that can stop you from exercising every day is that it becomes monotonous and boring. That’s definitely something you’ll never feel with anti-gravity yoga. Just think about routines such as the “downward dog”, “cat-cow”, and the “amazing possum”. Suffice it is to say that you’ll never go bored once you try this workout.

Suspended Endorphins

Endorphin is a body hormone responsible in releasing “feel-good” chemicals. With all that exciting flips, challenging inversions, and hours of swinging back and forth on a yoga hammock, you’ll end classes with a grin on your face. Anti-gravity yoga will make you feel good about yourself. Once you’ve overcome your initial fear and apprehension, everything becomes much easier.

If you’re looking to get into this new fitness trend, head over to AntiGravity Fitness and enroll. It’s a fun, energetic yoga class that’s sure to put a new spin on health and fitness. It’s surely a must-try for thrill-seekers and fitness adventurers alike.

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